JVV and Campaigns against Environmental Pollution

JVV organizes several kinds of programmes to bring in awareness of environmental upkeep, ecological balance, sustainable development, etc., among people and policy makers. It was a good activity of JVV in popularizing the harmful effects of aerated soft drinks in the light of the reports of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and the Joint Parliament Committee (JPC) besides other technical findings.

JVV promotes sustainable, eco-friendly, need-based agricultural, industrial, economic and energy policies. It sensitizes people against the ruthless consumption of natural resources. It ridicules the detrimental use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, drugs and other hazardous materials. It stands against projects intended for profits of multinationals and the rich at the cost of people’s misery and inconvenience. It encourages industrialization and technological automation within the framework of people’s welfare and ecological balance only.

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